Does Your Home Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

25 January 2022

Electrical switchbord upgrade

Does your home need an electrical switchboard upgrade? Here's how to tell and some warning signs your old fusebox might be on its way out.

Your electrical switchboard is the nerve-centre of your home's electrical system. Mains power comes in from the street via Western Power infrastructure, and is then routed to different circuits throughout your property.

How to determine if a switchboard upgrade may be needed for your property

• Existing wiring is deemed to be unsafe for use

• New appliances that are not suitable for your old switchboard

• The existing switchboard was not safely commissioned

There are other reasons you may need to upgrade your switchboard, and you should take the advice of a competent and suitable licenced electrician.

Warning signs you may need to consider a switchboard upgrade

Ceramic fuses

This is showing the switchboard's age. While they provide the same function of a modern fuse, they can carry additional risks.

Burning smells

If you notice a burning smell from your switchboard, call an electrician right away.

Overcrowded fuses and breakers

Older switchboards were often small as our homes used to be smaller. With modern technology comes more and more appliances. Pretty soon, you could easily run out of space in your switchboard.

Asbestos back side

While the fibres are hazardous to our health, asbestos is also a fire hazard. A clear warning sign it could be time to upgrade your switchboard.

Take advice from a reputable electrician

If you're unsure if you need to upgrade your mains switchboard at your property, then it's time to chat with an electrician who will give you an honest opinion. At DJL Electrical, we'll take a look at your existing system and take the time to understand your electrical requirements.

You may not need to upgrade, and instead modifications can be made to the existing switchboard. Either way, we'll let you know.

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