How To Avoid Power Overloads In Your Home

27 January 2022

Overload power circuit advice

As we fill up our homes with electronic technology and additional appliances, it's not uncommon for electrical overloads to start becoming an issue, particularly if your wiring is decades old and not suited to the modern day.

With more than 12 electrical appliances in the average home, plus numerous devices (computers, tablets, game consoles, etc), it's a common sight to see extension cords and double adapters around the home. Not just in old homes, but new builds where not enough power outlets were installed. A perfect recipe for power overloading.

The consequences of power overloading range from mild inconvenience, destruction of electronic devices, through to electrical fires. To avoid overloading of the home wiring circuit, we have collated some helpful information that could prevent this from happening.

How to reduce overload of your electrical circuits

Wiring inspection

While you can inspect visible wires plugged into an electrical power outlet, it's the wires you can't see that are more than likely what needs the most attention. When safe (unplugged/isolated) to do so, look for damaged or faulty wiring that may be causing overloading. Do not enter the roof space of your home to do a wiring inspection, always leave that for a qualified electrician.

Know your circuit breakers

Particularly in older homes, your main fuse board may have little to no indication of which fuse covers which circuit. If this is the case and you can safely do so, you could isolate each breaker and note which appliances/lights it switches off. You can then label above the fuse so if an overload happens, you can quickly identify which appliance may be causing the issue.

Get an electrician

Electricity is dangerous, and not only can it cause overloads or worse in your home, it can cause electric shocks or electrocutions. Only do a visual inspection if you have isolated the power source. For anything outside of a basic visual inspection, engage the services of a competent local electrician.

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